The test ride process

The EQ system has loop velour marked with gridlines and circles to guide the placement of the round cushioning discs, making assembly and adjustment simple.

Service Ethic

From the word “hello”, at EQ you’ll find a Saddle Science Expert ready to answer all your questions. We believe that EQ saddles will help you and your horse connect in ways you hadn’t thought were possible, and want to make that experience as easy as possible for you to access.

Start with a saddle trial. Our test ride program is unmatched in the equestrian space. You’ll get to ride for two weeks for free. Test it thoroughly – take a lesson or clinic, and go trail riding. You’ll have all the time you need to make up your mind.

To ensure a great fit, we’ll ask you to send us photos and simple measurements of your horse before shipping the saddle. In a hurry? Express your measurements, and we’ll overnight your saddle. On a budget? Explore our pre-loved inventories for your test ride. What’s your need? We’re here to help.

Getting Started

A great fit starts with a great tree fit. The basic structure of the saddle must match the contours and angles of the horse in key areas, or it will never fit properly. Using science, we match the angles of your horse’s body to the angles in our tree for a dialed-in fit. Our measuring process is simple, we stock all the materials you need, and it takes just a few minutes to complete. Once your measurements get to us, your saddle can be on the way to you the very same day.

Fitting Options

Our growing body of saddle fitters operate all over the US. These are horsepeople who are trained and certified to our high standards and are committed to finding the best outcome for you and your horse. Contact us to determine if there’s a certified fitter or EQ Fitting Center near you.

Our robust Remote Fitting option is available to anyone willing to invest one hour of their time. Low in cost, high in educational value, our do-it-yourself program can have you riding in the saddle the day it arrives! No special skills are required; our Saddle Science Experts will guide you through a process so simple, it can be done by absolutely anyone, including a non-riding spouse. If you enjoy efficiency, this is a great program for you! Available over just about any phone/video app.

Two Weeks of Test Riding

Once your saddle is fitted, we expect you to use it. Ride in it, take your lessons or clinic. Hack out in it - or even arrange to show in it; chances are good you’ll receive a great score! We will give you all the support you need during those two weeks of evaluation.

At the end of your test ride, you will have many choices. You might return the saddle, though few do; more than 70% of those who test will buy the saddle they tested, or another one. Your saddle expert, who stayed close to you through your testing period, will help you with whatever outcome you decide is the best one for you and your horse. If a custom saddle is in your future, we will guide you through configuring every aspect of your saddle.


We are based in California's East Bay Area, with a high-touch reach that extends all over the world.