Saddle Fitting

Unlike conventional saddles with flocking or other padding, the EQ system has loop velour marked with gridlines and circles to guide the placement of the shock absorbent discs.

Getting Started

A great fit starts with a great tree fit. The rigid structure in any saddle must match the contours and angles of the horse in key areas, or it will never fit. First, we need to understand the conformation and unique characteristics of your horse(s) so that we can recommend the right tree. Contact us for measuring instructions, or if you need it, a measuring kit. Measurements and photos are a prerequisite of a saddle trial.

Fitting Options

Our growing body of saddle fitters operate all over the US. These are horsepeople who are trained and certified to our high standards and are committed to finding the best outcome for you and your horse.

We also offer a Remote Fitting option to anyone who prefers the low cost and high education afforded by the do-it-yourself program. This method requires you and a helper - one to film, and one to fiddle - to spend approximately one hour adjusting the saddle when it arrives via a two-way video link such as FaceTime, Skype, or something else.

The Details

1. Paperwork. Fill out our evaluation agreement. Send it in with your measurements and photos.

2. Discussion. We'll want to talk to you about your horse, your goals, and your body. We'll get quite specific and, in the end, have a good sense of what saddle will work for you. 

3. Shipment. The saddle - with panels, saddle pad, and any other accessories you need to have a successful testing experience - will ship to you so that they arrive when you want them. 

4. Fitting. Your fitter - or remote fitting - is scheduled.

5. Testing. Your first test ride concludes the initial fitting process, but our fitting session with  you is open until you have purchased or returned your EQ saddle.


After your two-week test ride is finished, you have choices. Return the saddle. Try another saddle. Buy the saddle. Buy a custom saddle. 


We are based in California's East Bay Area, with a high-touch reach that extends all over the world.