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GO flapless!

Looks different. Works better.

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What is Saddle science?

Our saddles are changing the standard of fit and comfort for the sport horse world. 

From the first stride under our cushioned flexing panels, the horse transforms. Strides lengthen. The back relaxes, allowing more energy and swing to come from the hindquarters. Shoulders lift, the wither elevates, and the horse moves evenly on both reins.

Riders marvel at the feel from the moment they sit down and find their legs draping effortlessly around the horse’s barrel. The simplicity of the design yields a feeling of closeness and stability that is unmatched in the conventional saddle world. When the flaps come off, riders are more stable. Dr. Hilary Clayton’s research proved it.

Choose softer cushions between the saddle and panel for a horse with a bouncy trot, and get an instant upgrade. Or choose firmer cushions, and feel the nuance of every footfall.

Is your thigh extra long - or extra short? Select a velcro-mounted block that supports your leg perfectly, then match it with a removable flap in the pattern that suits you. Everything about our modular system lets you choose exactly how you want to sit and ride.

EQ Saddle Science™ is organized to provide a better outcome for horses and riders than conventional tack allows, with a no-strings-attached two week test ride program, and a customer service ethic that is second to none. 

We create saddles that permit horses and riders to realize their full potential, combining the best of traditional saddle design and craftsmanship with innovative design and materials based on horse and rider biomechanics, and devote extensive resources to verifying the functionality of our saddles with science.

We are all about solutions.


The Technology

Modular. Anatomically-designed. Ergonomic. Designed by riders for riders, this saddle goes to work for you and your horse.


What's the flap about?

When the flap comes off, the ride gets better. Wide horses feel narrow, and the lightest aid receives an immediate response. Sitting is easier. Balancing is easier. Learning, and improving your riding, is easier.

It is a more natural way to ride, and the increase in harmony with your horse is apparent instantly. Riders report that back, hip, and knee pain disappear.

Our patented and trademarked Skinny Flap™ system provides a variety of flaps that go on and off in seconds for a seamless transition from flaps to flapless.

Train flapless for ultimate feel, then attach the Skinny Flaps™ for competition. Our super-thin flaps do not distort the feel of this remarkable saddle, and make it legal for every level of competition, including FEI. 


The Panels

The EQFlex Panel System is the basis of EQ's unique weight-distribution model. Flexible, thin panels distribute pressures evenly, allowing the horse to move freely, while the rider feels in tune with each movement.

Panels come in three shapes and two lengths to fit every equine profile. These foam panels conform to the horse in just a few rides, and then will last five to ten years with no maintenance. Yes! You will not need to reflock this saddle ever.

The spaces between the panels and the tree, created by our unique shock-absorbing cushions, allow the panels to flex when each shoulder rotates for the greatest shoulder freedom a saddle can provide.

Each panel attaches to the saddle with aviation-grade velcro. It is quick and easy to create the ideal gullet width in both the back or the front of the saddle independently. We can fit the widest spine, or the most challenging wither.

Our Saddle Science Experts will choose components for you that accommodate different back and shoulder conformation, movement, muscling, and sensitivity. 

The Round Cushions

Sorbothane™ rubber cushioning discs provide the shock-absorbing element of the EQ saddle system. The front pair of cushions provides shoulder freedom. The rear pair protects the horse's sensitive loins from the forces generated by the rider's weight. You sit in between these round cushions, with nothing between your seat and the horse but our thin flexible panels.

Of course, there are options here, as well. Choose firm cushions to feel every footfall, or opt for soft cushions to make it easier to sit the trot, or to protect your own back.

Options for height and density of the cushions mean there is a great deal of flexibility when balancing of the saddle. Hook and loop mounts permit almost infinite positioning of the various components, enabling EQ saddles to adeptly compensate for asymmetries in horses and their riders. And our trained fitters - or robust DIY program - make these adjustments instantly available to you and your horse.

The ride is impossible to describe; you've simply got to feel it.

After only two weeks, the horse actually looked different. He went better, the rider sat better. It’s easy to recommend that.
— Allison Brock - Dressage Trainer, USDF Gold Medalist, Bronze Olympic Medalist 2016
This saddle is much more secure, which was not my expectation. The horse’s back relaxes and swings, and I am happy every ride.
— Anne Howard - Dressage Trainer, USDF Gold Medalist, "r" Judge
I usually don’t see a big difference with a saddle change. In this case it worked on every horse. I saw a difference first ride and the horses continue to be happy in how they work.
— Jennifer Marchand - Dressage Trainer and USDF Gold Medalist
In these saddles, the shoulders can move so much more freely, and the effect is profound
— Olivia Lagoy-Weltz - Dressage Trainer, USDF Gold Medalist, current member US Dressage High Performance Squad, Silver Team Medal, Aachen 2017