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 flapless has arrived

Looks different. Works better.

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After only two weeks, the horse actually looked different. He went better, the rider sat better. It’s easy to recommend that.
— Allison Brock - Dressage Trainer, USDF Gold Medalist, Bronze Olympic Medalist 2016
This saddle is much more secure, which was not my expectation. The horse’s back relaxes and swings, and I am happy every ride.
— Anne Howard - Dressage Trainer, USDF Gold Medalist, "r" Judge
I usually don’t see a big difference with a saddle change. In this case it worked on every horse. I saw a difference first ride and the horses continue to be happy in how they work.
— Jennifer Marchand - Dressage Trainer and USDF Gold Medalist
In these saddles, the shoulders can move so much more freely, and the effect is profound
— Olivia Lagoy-Weltz - Dressage Trainer, USDF Gold Medalist, current member US Dressage High Performance Squad, Silver Team Medal, Aachen 2017

What is eq?

We are on a journey to revolutionize saddles for the sport horse world. 

Riders and their horses are constantly changing and evolving. The conventional approach to saddle design does not address this dynamic, resulting in saddles that can't evolve with the horse and rider. Over time, these saddles may hinder freedom of movement, skill development, and training progress.

EQ Saddle Science is organized to provide a better outcome for horses than conventional tack allows, with a customer service ethic that is second to none. 

We create saddles that permit horses and riders to realize their full potential, combining the best of traditional saddle design and craftsmanship with innovative design and materials based on horse and rider biomechanics, and devote extensive resources to verifying the functionality of our saddles with science.

We are all about solutions.


The Technology

The EQ Flex Panel System gives way for the horse's shoulder and allows the back to swing, unimpeded by a rigid saddle. First developed in the UK more than 20 years ago, the EQ anatomically-shaped panels and Sorbothane® rubber discs are the magic underneath all EQ saddles, and are shared by the extremely successful ReactorPanel line of english-style pleasure, trail and endurance saddles. 

The removable saddle flap gives the rider an unparalleled sense of connection to the horse while keeping the feel and security of being in a saddle. Almost universally, the rider's response is simply, "WOW!"


What's the flap about?

When the flap comes off, riders stay as or more secure. There's still a thigh block, located on our innovative extended skirt. Without a flap, wide horses feel narrow, and rider's back and joint (hip, knee and ankle) pain disappear. The lightest aid receives an immediate response. It is a more natural way to ride, and the increase in harmony with your horse is apparent instantly.

Our patent-pending flap system provides a variety of flaps that go on and off in seconds for a seamless transition from flaps to flapless. Train flapless for ultimate feel, then snap on the Skinny Flaps for competition. This super-thin flap does not distort the feel of this remarkable saddle, and makes the saddle legal for every level of competition, including FEI. 


The Panels

The EQ Flex Panel System is the basis of EQ's unique weight-distribution model. The panels attach to the saddle individually, then flex and give way to allow free rotation of the shoulders. It takes almost no time to create a custom gullet, with the ability to adjust the gullet in the front AND the rear.

A variety of panel designs and sizes accommodate different back and shoulder conformation, movement, muscling, and sensitivity. 

The Discs

Sorbothane™ rubber discs provide the shock-absorbing element of the EQ saddle system. The front pair of discs provide shoulder freedom. The rear pair protect the horse's sensitive loins from the forces generated by the rider's weight. You sit in between the discs, with nothing between your seat and the horse but our thin flexible panels.

Discs come in several thicknesses to allow quick and easy balancing of the saddle. Hook and loop mounts mean almost infinite positioning, enabling EQ saddles to adeptly compensate for asymmetries in horses and their riders. 

The ride is impossible to describe; you've simply got to feel it.