Stephanie Valberg and Cajun of Williamston, Michigan: Eventers

"Over the last year Cajun became really unhappy being tacked up, he was reluctant to go forward and he would buck in corners, canter transitions and after fences. I spent 6 months with saddle fitters, trying saddles, modifying them and nothing got any better. I was so disheartened. I heard about the adjust-ability of [EQ] saddles and thought it worth a try. Having the customer support so readily available and the scientific approach Carmi took to adjusting Cajun's saddles was amazing. I loved that he didn't have to be symmetrical for the saddle to fit, that left and right panels move independently and flexibly. I loved that I could ride in it and then adjust it. AND boy did Cajun love it too. It was so great to have a trial period because each day he trusted it more and got steadier in my hand and better in the turns and the quality of his canter transformed. Thank you for all you do for our horses and their comfort! We are back in the saddle again and having fun!"


Diane Abraham and Dasha of Los Gatos, CA: Dressage

"I was so impressed with the scientific testing Carmi did on the flapless saddle in Florida, and I’d seen the design, so I tried it. I love riding in it! You have such close contact with your horse, you feel like you’re right on the horse, not separated by a saddle. It’s easy to stretch your legs down and easy to rotate your leg to the correct position...Our first freestyle at Second Level was also the first time I showed in our new flapless saddle, and we scored a 70.56%"


Liz Hendrix and Wizard of CA: Dressage

“I’ve learned that what is often attributed to stifles and hock discomfort may well start in a horse’s neck and back. I’ve been preaching this for a long time, but the flapless slapped me in the face. If I’m not addressing the saddle, I’m not addressing the issue. It’s fascinating because this is a horse I broke. I know all his flaws and issues, and the fact that in only two weeks he had such a significant change- WOW! He’s always had some slight tension in his back. I thought it was normal for him, but now I’m thinking that his tension and stiffness in his hocks and stifles was a result of back problems. The two-week trial is an amazing thought and idea. Definitely a high point and I would recommend it to anyone. It could be the golden ticket for your horse.”


Anne Howard and Rondo at Grand Prix: Dressage

"When I gt into my flapless EQ, it transports me to a memory of riding bareback and having my leg so close to the horse, my heart smiles as as I walk away from the mounting block. The concern it might be insecure melted away, it is a wonderful seat and not being able to grip incorrectly makes me sit better during those challenging times. (My beeeg horse learning his flying changes comes to mind!) I started with an RP saddle because it came with a horse I inherited - its worked so well for him I wouldn't think of changing it. Carmi and the rest of her incredible gang at her company work hard to keep riders and horses happy. Every question, concern, and suggestion is taken seriously and with this new creation, I can honestly say I love my EQ saddle!


Barbara Goshorn and Ocita at Virginia Horse Center: Dressage 

Lifelong horsewoman Barbara Goshorn loves our saddles! From her first RP saddle, purchased in 2005 from our sister company ReactorPanel Saddle Company, to her 2017 EQ Dressage Saddle for her newest horse, Faith, our saddles have provided solutions for all of her horses whether or not they had back issues. 

Read on to learn her story in her own words.

I’m an equine and human massage therapist with certificates in many modalities as well as a rider. I’m doing body work as well as riding 6+ horses and working on 8+ people a day. I have issues from many years of riding young horses. All the horses have been switched to RP and EQ saddles and their myofacial networks, muscle systems and my own systems are much improved for the change. Including my very difficult to fit short backed Hungarian. They must be fit properly like every saddle, but unlike a standard saddle can easily be altered to accommodate development in real time. Highly recommend purchasing an impression pad so adjusting the saddle has hard evidence and shows you what you may be missing. FYI we’ve made switch over 10 year period to everyone going in one.

Stephanie Ann Wilske Harris

I have done the custom built saddle before and have found it to be very hit or miss and I do not live where it is easy to have saddle fittings done. I have ridden in the RP system for over ten years. I know my horses have benefited. If they change their shape, I can make the adjustments. If I need help, Carmi is always available. I have the pressure pad that allows me to see the problem. It has been wonderful to participate in the evolution to the Tribute and then the Flapless saddle and I am thrilled to be allied with the first saddle maker that I know is taking the huge step of trying to scientifically establish the saddle’s benefits.

Betty Ann Cohen, Yakima, WA