Port Lewis Impression Pad

Port Lewis Impression Pad


Port Lewis Impression Pads are on back order. Once you order, we will contact you with an estimated shipping date. Shipping dates can be 2-8 weeks out.

More than half the saddles we test have high pressure points. High pressure points under saddles can restrict horses' movement, cause gait abnormalities, stumbling and even lameness, and often lead to tissue damage and atrophy. The Port Lewis Impression Pad takes less than 30 minutes to use and gives you data (not opinion) to determine how and where your saddle is causing pressure.

Use an Impression Pad underneath your current saddle to map pressure points; test new saddles before you purchase to ensure a proper fit; or use the pad to verify results after your saddle has been reflocked or adjusted.

The Port Lewis Impression Pad is made from clear flexible vinyl and contains a moldable putty that provides you with a 3-dimensional view of saddle pressure. Just place it on your horse's back, saddle up and go for a 25 minute ride.

As you ride, the putty will displace itself in response to the pressure the saddle places on your horse's back. The results are easy to see and to record photographically. Just send us the image, and we'll consult with you on your saddle fit.

The pad is durable and reusable! Simply flatten with a rolling pin, then use again and again.

If you operate a training barn or facility with multiple horses or even if you just have one horse, the cost of buying the pad can save you thousands by avoiding the purchase of an ill-fitting saddle or using a saddle that can cause long term physical problems for you horse. Using the Port Lewis pad is a data-driven way to ensure that the horses in your care are performing under optimal conditions.

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