Fully Custom EQ Flapless Dressage Saddle with Removable Skinny Flaps

Fully Custom EQ Flapless Dressage Saddle with Removable Skinny Flaps


Express your personality! Our masterful saddle makers in England are the absolute best. Would you like colored stitching? Custom pinstriping? Exotic and patent leather cantles? No problem! We can even match the leather on the tops of your custom DeNiro boots.

The EQ Flapless Dressage Saddle is handmade in England, and can be customized in every aspect. The custom package allows you to choose your seat shape and seat foam, and then to add color and texture to your custom saddle. We will guide you through the process of creating your custom saddle from the ground up. Once you approve your configuration and provide a 40% deposit, your saddle will be delivered in less than 12 weeks.

The custom package includes a fully-configured Tribute Flapless Dressage Saddle with Removable Skinny Flap, panels and discs, saddle pad, and adjusting tools. The specific options you choose may increase or decrease the price of the package. 

You must be a prior customer, or have had a successful two-week saddle evaluation in order to place a custom order. If you have not yet tried an EQ Flapless Saddle, visit Ride in EQ to start your test ride. For full details on this program, or our other innovative and customer-friendly programs, please contact us.

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