EQ Flapless Dressage Saddle: Basic

EQ Flapless Dressage Saddle: Basic


Trainers, competitive amateurs and classical dressage riders all agree: the EQ Flapless Dressage saddle provides an unprecedented ride. Experience the ultimate in closeness, connection, and harmony with your horse by test riding this saddle. Expect to feel a sense of connection like never before, with immediate response to your lightest aid. Prepare to be blown away: almost 90% of the people who buy it report that they are happier with it than they expected when they purchased it.

Our basic testing package includes: EQ flapless dressage saddle with panels, discs, saddle pad, and tools to adjust. The only cost - paid up front - is the freight for shipping the saddle and accessories you’d like to try.

Adding this saddle to your cart gets you a two-week test; during this time, we authorize but do not charge your card for $2950 as security. At the end of two weeks, you may buy the saddle by telling us to process your order; you may return it for no cost at all, or you may extend your trial interval by renting the saddle for an additional two weeks.

For full details on this program, or our other innovative and customer-friendly programs, please contact us.

Please note: Many of the saddles in our inventory have been ordered with the most common upgrades. This means the prices on saddles we have in stock will vary and may be higher than the base prices on our web site. If you have a fixed budget, be sure to let us know so that we can find you the saddle you want at the price you need.

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