Classics III Panel Covers

Classics III Panel Covers

from 89.50

Panel Covers keep your panels clean and protected if you decide to use a one-piece pad with your EQ saddle. The panel covers slip on the panels just like our regular EQ pads, using front and back pockets with velcro to hold the cover in place.

These covers help the panels on your EQ Saddle blend in with your saddle pad, giving our high-tech system a traditional look. They also enable you to wash pads easily and frequently. You can leave the covers on, and simply switch out the one-piece pads underneath, without having to take pads on and off the panels.

Available in a variety of colors for both 23" and 24" panels. The covers can come with sheepskin or wool lining as well providing extra comfort and padding.

Note: We highly recommend only using one piece pads that are long enough to cover the entire length of the panels, which means your pad must be a minimum of 24.5" long for standard panels, and 25.5" long for long panels.  

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Custom Panel Covers- Classics III Custom+Panel+Covers+Options_+Size_+Available+for+23%E2%80%9D+and+24%E2%80%9D+panels+Colors_+Select+from+20+colors+options+%282%29.jpg

Custom Panel Covers- Classics III

from 89.50