Toklat Clarion Square Pad

Toklat Clarion Square Pad

from 122.00

Clarion quilted cotton pads are custom made for us by Toklat USA in our two-part design especially for use with our dressage saddles. The Clarion quilting creates a gorgeous and clean look.

Our EQ design consists of a two-part pad with velcro tabs to secure the pockets of the pad around each panel. This pad never slips, wrinkles, or presses on the wither of the horse, and it stays anchored firmly under your leg when you're riding flapless.

Panels come in standard 23" or long 24", and so do these pads.

This pad is also available with a half-lining of either wool fleece or sheepskin.

Custom piping and binding options are available. To design your custom saddle pad in all your favorite colors, email

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