EQ Centrelastic Comfort Girth

EQ Centrelastic Comfort Girth

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Our very own design, we've been making the Centrelastic Comfort Girth for more than 20 years.

The broad belly plate and the centrally-located elastic provide better pressure distribution where it is critical, and give the saddle more stability at the same time. The horse's side is lined with soft leather and lightly padded, and thick leather shields the horse's barrel from the buckles.

Roller buckles make it easier to tighten the girth and extend the life of your billets, and leather runners and keepers keep the ends of your billets tidy.

Available in black in sizes from 22" - 34" for dressage and 46”-52” for jumping. Other sizes and colors can be custom-ordered, from 18" to 56".

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