When did you first find out about EQ saddles?

In 2008, researching options for my customers with hard to fit horses.


What kind of riding do you do in your EQs?

I compete on the national Arabian circuit. I show Main Ring Saddle Seat and Hunt Seat classes and I do the full gamut of hunt and dressage classes in the Sport Horse division. I needed a saddle that gave me the best advantage over the big barns because I run a small string. Having a horse down isn’t an option for us.


Do you use your EQ saddle in training, competition, or for pleasure riding?

Absolutely! All of the above. I also have several clients that have purchased EQs or ride in mine.


Have you noticed any differences in your horse since riding in the EQ saddle? (Movement, temperament, willingness or other characteristics)

Yes, no more muscle atrophy and better movement overall, stronger backs. Arabians tend to have short, sloping backs so once they get comfortable with the sheer amount of coverage the EQ panels have, they won’t go well in anything else.

What do you like best about the EQ saddle? 

The versatility and the comfort and fit for me as a trainer who spends all day in the irons. 

What are your riding goals for this year - for competition, schooling, pleasure or other goals?
As a trainer, I of course have a horse or two that isn’t ridden as often as it should be. My goals are to get three of my own going well in hunt and dressage. 

What would you like other people to know about EQ saddles?  
Despite the cost, it’s worth it to get the best saddle you can get for yourself and your horse. I have specific saddle fitting quirks and all three of my EQ saddles fit me like they were custom made for me. The website, my saddle rep, and the Cali crew have always been so very helpful with any questions I’ve had. 


Prior to 2017, EQ saddles for sporthorses were marketed by their sister company, the ReactorPanel Saddle Company.