When did you first find out about EQ saddles?

In the fall of 2013 my saddle fitter Suzie Coffey suggested that I consider an EQ saddle since Kosi’s back issues were so significant and he wasn’t willing to work in a regular dressage saddle.

How long have you ridden in an EQ? 

Since February 2014 as part of the EQ Rehab Program

Do you use your EQ saddle in training, competition, or for pleasure riding? 

I plan to both train and compete in it.

Have you noticed any differences in your horse since riding in the EQ saddle? (Movement, temperament, willingness or other characteristics)
Yes!  The saddle was part of a combined medical, training and saddle program.  I’ve spent the last 2 years working through his medical issues and he had become unrideable. He was diagnosed with significant arthritis in his spine and the pain caused him to shut down. In the fall I had his back injected, a couple of months later he had a Tildren injection and I started using the EQ saddle. Since his resistance reactions scared me, I also enlisted the assistance of a friend who is a sensitive and accomplished rider and not easily intimidated. She was able to ride him through his initial automatic resistance responses so that he could see that it didn’t hurt anymore. He is now forward and willing! I didn’t believe it was possible to get my horse back.  I truly believe that the EQ saddle was a key element in his progress. The EQ concept makes a lot of sense and definitely worked for Kosi.  

 What do you like best about the EQ saddle? 

I love the Elegance. The model I purchased has buffalo and calf-skin in a two-tone (gray/black color scheme) which I love. It’s very attractive but most importantly, Kosi is comfortable in it and so am I.

What are your riding goals for this year - for competition, schooling, pleasure or other goals?
Before Kosi’s medical issues, I was showing 2nd level dressage. I hope to show again later this year at 2nd level. His physical issues may limit him beyond that, but I’m extremely excited to be riding him at all and to see how happy and willing he is!  I’m still got my fingers crossed that we can someday make it to 3rd level and my USDF bronze medal.  Meanwhile, I’m just enjoying what only a few weeks ago I thought was an impossibility – I’m riding my horse! 

What would you like other people to know about EQ saddles?  
The EQ team was incredible to work with. Carmi W answered my initial email almost immediately, and everyone has been extremely supportive over the last few months. The Rehab Program was a wonderful approach for someone in my situation who wasn’t sure if there horse would ever be rideable again. I had already sold the dressage saddle I purchased for Kosi when I bought him because he wouldn’t go forward in it anymore, and I also had to return a very expensive new saddle because of his continued issues. The Rehab Program allowed me to try two EQ saddles without making a huge financial commitment.  


Prior to 2017, EQ saddles for sporthorses were marketed by their sister company, the ReactorPanel Saddle Company.