Rehabilitation Rental Program

The EQ system has been proven again and again to help horses recover from a variety of issues which can be improved or resolved through a managed rehabilitation program. Our Rehab Rental Program provides you with a flexible and adjustable saddle that can match your horse's body changes during the healing process. Whether your diagnosis is kissing spines, another back issue, or soft tissue, our saddle system can be set up in accordance with your veterinarian's instructions, and then modified as your horse improves over time. 

Here are the program basics:

  • When you are nearing the time that your horse has been approved to be back under saddle, complete our Rehab Rental application. We'll need to know about the diagnosis and the treatment protocol. You'll need to take and send in photos and measurements as well (a ten-minute task).
  • We will work with you to select a saddle that is appropriate for both of you; upon release of your horse to ride and payment of the first month's fee, we will ship the saddle to you. If you decide to send the saddle back after three days or less, there will be a 100% refund of the first month's fee.
  • The program has a 90-day limit; rental fees are billed in 30-day increments, and there are prorated refunds if you return the saddle early.
  • New measurements are suggested every 4-5 weeks so that if your horse's body is changing in a way that might impact saddle fit, we will catch it - and adjust it - before it becomes an issue.
  • Rental fee for the first month is $450 and for subsequent months is $350. If you decide to purchase the saddle, 50% the first month's fee and 100% of all subsequent month's fees are deducted from the price.

To apply for our Rehab Rental program, email us at: or give us a call at: 510.422.2300