What do you like best about the EQ saddle?

 Impeccable customer service; being part of the EQ family; having people like fitter Lisa Jordan be on “team Boca”. 

What would you like other people to know about EQ saddles? 

How much you care about the horse, and continue to find educational and research opportunities to improve how saddle fit can help the horse.

If you could change one thing about the EQ saddle, what would it be? 

Absolutely nothing! How could I possibly change something?  Lisa came out to watch me ride and because I lamented that my horse’s mystery movement issues go away when he is ridden in an EQ, but the saddle doesn’t give me enough support to allow me to refine my aids. Carmi and Lisa figured out how to make a saddle that can do both and then let me lease it until I was sure it would work for me. Who could ask for more?  

I wish I had taken a photo of my horse in the cross ties while he had “team Boca” (the vet and the chiropractor on one side, and the trainer and Lisa Jordan on the other), all discussing how to optimize his movement. One would think he was an Olympian.  


Prior to 2017, EQ saddles for sporthorses were marketed by their sister company, the ReactorPanel Saddle Company.