Liz Hendrix was shocked to see her long-term partner transform in just two weeks!


“I’ve learned that what is often attributed to stifles and hock discomfort may well start in a horse’s neck and back. I’ve been preaching this for a long time, but the flapless slapped me in the face. If I’m not addressing the saddle, I’m not addressing the issue. It’s fascinating because this is a horse I broke. I know all his flaws and issues, and the fact that in only two weeks he had such a significant change- WOW! He’s always had some slight tension in his back. I thought it was normal for him, but now I’m thinking that his tension and stiffness in his hocks and stifles was a result of back problems. The two-week trial is an amazing thought and idea. Definitely a high point and I would recommend it to anyone. It could be the golden ticket for your horse.”