Two Week Test Ride

Two Week Test Ride


Our try-before-you-buy program gives you all the time you need to test ride the innovative EQ Saddle System. 

Customer service experts - riders themselves - will guide you through the process of selecting a saddle (or two) to test. We require measurements and photos of your horse, and also request a conversation with you to learn about your horse's conformation, asymmetries or past history, movement and balance. We will also discuss your body's needs to feel comfortable, secure, and effective in the saddle. 

Here are links to the documents you will need to start the process:

Measuring Instructions

Evaluation Agreement

We carry the only tool you need to measure: A flexible curve, also available in an Equine Measuring Kit. Click on SADDLE FITTING TOOLS to see these products and prices.

We will rely on your measurements and photographs to select the right tree size and shape for your horse. Our trees accommodate wide horses with mutton withers, narrow horses with shark fin withers, and most body types in between. We build saddles on flatter trees for horses with long backs, or suggest panel adjustments to follow a dropped or swayed back if necessary. We can fit almost any horse/rider combination.

All EQ Dressage Saddles can be ordered for test in seat sizes from 17" to 18.5. Custom orders accommodate sizes from 16.5" to 19.5".

Once you receive the saddle, you'll be given a full two weeks to test it, with the option of extending the trial by leasing the saddle for a weekly rental fee that is applied to the price if you buy the saddle.

A test ride requires a credit card authorization in the amount of $2900 or the price of the saddle, whichever is less (some used saddles may be below this price level). This authorization reserves the funds against your card for a period of 30 days, but is not an actual charge.

The only cost to test ride is a flat $95 fee to cover freight, insurance, and a reusable box that will serve to return the saddle should you decide not to keep it.

Once you are finished with your test ride, simply return the saddle for a 100% release of the authorization on your card, or inform us that you want to keep it or buy a different saddle, and we will promptly process your order in accordance with your instructions.

For full details on this program, or our other innovative and customer-friendly programs, please contact us.


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