Barbara Goshorn has been a customer over five saddles and nearly 20 years!


What kind of riding do you do, and how long have you been doing it?

I have been riding for over 55 years, such a long time! In that time I have hunted, evented, shown hunters, pleasure and jumpers, done a bit of trail riding, including a couple of competitive trail rides, and I am currently doing dressage.


Tell me all about your horse (or horses) who are ridden in our saddles, and something about your goals for them.

I purchased my first RP back in 2005 (I think) for a Belgian draft horse I wanted to take to some low level events - I received the RP 2 or 3 days before the event. It was a bit of a desperate situation as he had started bucking over his fences. We ended up placing quite well. He even managed to make the time allowed in both cross country and stadium.  I then leased a terrific Dutch Warmblood schoolmaster for dressage, obtaining a Baker for him as he was an older horse with back issues. He took me up through 4th level; I got my bronze medal from USDF with him. I then purchased a horse, again with back issues, getting an Encore for him, which proved almost miraculous, unfortunately, he lost an eye and had to be retired. I then purchased a very nice Holsteiner mare, Ocita, getting a smaller Encore for her. I ended up successfully competing her at second level. I lost her this past Christmas eve much to my sorrow. Last summer I had purchased a young horse, Faith, who has an asymmetrical back, but a large heart and a sweet disposition. After trying many EQ saddles, (thank you Carmi for your patience), I ended up going back to a Baker (I even tried to get my original Baker back, but the person who bought it years ago was not letting it go). I did not plan on competing Faith last summer, but with Ocita ill and unable to be ridden, I took her to a show as a non-compete and the next thing you know we are going to shows competing at training level. At our second show we ended up high score adult amateur, high score training and high score of the day, much I credit to her comfort in the EQ.


How did you come to choose to try our saddle? What made you decide to buy it?

I got my first RP as my draft horse was growing so rapidly, we kept growing out of saddles.  Melissa Whitney who has been my saddle guru, convinced me to try an RP. As he was bucking his large mass over fences (very uncomfortable for the rider!), and as the master saddler for Steuben who had graciously brought a car load of saddles, none of which fit, stated that he did not think I would be able to use an off-the-rack saddle, I was more than willing to try an RP.  Having been coached by many cavalry officers in my youth, some of whom used McClellans, I was familiar with the basic concept of the saddle.


What else would you like to mention about our saddles or our staff?

Everyone at EQ has been very patient and generous in allowing me to try a large range of saddles, and in helping me maintain my saddle. I love the trial period. The adjustability of the saddles means that as the horse develops, the saddles can easily be adjusted for the horse's changing musculature and way of going. I have seen so many issues with old, worn out, lumpy or badly flocked saddles; I love the panels. I like that I can in a minute change the knee rolls. In less than a minute I can change the fit of the saddle by using different billets. And I really like the overall quality of the saddles. I always enjoy calling EQ, whoever answers the phone is so friendly and helpful.