USDF Gold Medalist,trainer and judge Anne Howard rides asymmetrical Rondo in EQ's flexible saddles


"When I get into my flapless EQ, it transports me to a memory of riding bareback and having my leg so close to the horse, my heart smiles as as I walk away from the mounting block. The concern it might be insecure melted away, it is a wonderful seat and not being able to grip incorrectly makes me sit better during those challenging times. (My beeeg horse learning his flying changes comes to mind!) I started with an RP saddle because it came with a horse I inherited - its worked so well for him I wouldn't think of changing it. Carmi and the rest of her incredible gang at her company work hard to keep riders and horses happy. Every question, concern, and suggestion is taken seriously and with this new creation, I can honestly say I love my EQ saddle!"